Glass Block Installation For Your Home Or Business

there are a variety of glass block types. We carry the ice and wave patterns on hand, but can also custom-order another pattern for you. Give us a call at 585-785-4716 with questions or requests.

  1. Wave Glass Block: This glass block is a subtle pattern but still gives optimal privacy.  This pattern is typically seen in basements.
  2. Ice Glass Block: This type of glass block is like that of wavy glass block as it allows for optimal privacy while still letting in natural light.  However, ice glass block only casts shadows making them ideal for bathrooms. 

We offer multiple styles of glass block installation for you. We also offer custom glass block work. Click here for Glass Block Styles. See details below on custom projects.

Benefits of Glass Block

  • Glass block windows offer privacy because the glass is translucent.
  • Glass block windows allow Natural light to come in
  • The thick, interlocking glass blocks are very strong and durable - they provide greater security than other windows
  • Resistant to pests since they create a tight seal
  • Save Money with a more insulation
  • Airtight Glass Block Windows keep spiders, snakes and mice out
  • We install all shapes and sizes
  • Guarantee for life! 
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Need more convincing? 

If you're thinking of making home improvements, and have considered glass blocks, we can help you finalize your decision. Glass block windows for are our choice because of the multitude of benefits for your home. Mainly, glass block windows will improve your house by making it more energy efficient. These thicker windows have airtight blocks that are sealed to perfection which will decrease energy bills with a more insulation, while keeping pests like spiders and mice out.

Glass block windows also help to make your home LEED certified, meaning they help to certify your home as environmentally sustainable and energy efficient. With the installation of glass block windows, you are looking at a 5-35% increase in value of your home against comparable structures due to the added value of being LEED certified.


Further, glass block windows prevent a drafty room. The main contribution to this feature is the unique cement mortar which holds the windows together. Glass block windows help to keep cold air out, making it a more comfortable environment in colder weather.

Glass block windows’ warped design allows for privacy, while still allowing brighter, more natural light into your home without pesky blinds. These windows allow for outsiders to only see blurs while looking in. Glass block windows allow for a more private environment, but also a more secure home.  Due to the thickness of these windows, glass block windows are nearly impossible to break through, increasing security and your state of mind.

The look of these glass block windows are also extremely aesthetically appealing and give more of an upscale look to your home.  Although this look may not be for everyone, these unique windows add to your home’s appearance.

Some Tips

Although glass block windows are top notch, we still recommend getting them sealed every five years in order to prevent any water penetration and keep up with its maintenance. This may seem like a hassle but in fact glass block windows require much less maintenance than a regular window would because of how sturdy they are. If you are going to be selling your house in the near future, consider installing glass block windows to improve the overall architectural design to appeal to those who are looking to buy your home!

Custom Projects

You Dream It, We Build It!

Hawkeye will work with you to add glass block to your home project. We can custom fit small and larger size windows to your basement or garage, and have different styles available including glass block with vents for fresh air or for your dryer. Glass block can also be an aesthetically pleasing addition to bathrooms, offices, places of worship…anywhere! Call Hawkeye today for a free quote at 585-576-8787.