Who Is Hawkeye Glass Block And Basement Solutions

With over 40 years of combined experience, Hawkeye Glass Block and Basement Solutions is the largest locally owned and most trusted glass block company in New York State. We have led our industry in innovating and creating efficiencies that have brought basement window replacement to affordable pricing utilizing the highest quality products.

What Makes Us A Leader In The Industry:

  1. NO SUBCONTRACTORS. Our great team of installers are the best in the business. They are masters of the masonry concepts of our business, have pride working for the Hawkeye family, and treat your home as they would their own.
  2. Product section is unmatched by any competitors giving you the assurance that you have all the options to complete your project to meet your wants and needs.
  3. Top of the line Pittsburgh Corning 3″ thick block made with the best sand in the world for maximum clarity-not graying tint like the competitors.
  4. Our glass block panels are built in our production facility in Rochester NY. The commercial bonding agent flexes with contraction and expansion of the house eliminating the potential for cracks or leaks.
  5. Hawkeye Glass Block and Basement Solutions Lifetime Warranty: Coverage includes glass block windows, labor, and ventilators. Hawkeye has customer service employees available for answering questions or responding to customer concerns. These are just some of the reasons we have “raving Fans.”


  • Scheduling – Usually we can set-up installation within 7-14 days. On average each window takes approximately 1 hour to install. We need someone home to let us in the house as we need to work inside the basement. If you need to reschedule an installation time you can call
    585-785-4716. Our office hours are Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm.
  • Any Obstacles? We need a few feet clear in front of each window, we can work over utility tubs, and washer/dryers. Our professional sales team will per-inspect the area and will attend to any concerns before install.
  • What Do We Need? Our installers will need access to water and electricity.
  • Payment – We ask for payment on completion, no money up-front. When you inspect our work we take payment with: All major credit cards, check or cash.