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Basement Windows

Why Consider Glass Block Window Installation For Your Basement?

  • Save Money with a more insulated basement.
  • Drier Basement with Glass Block windows because they won’t leak.
  • Warmer Floors and no more drafty basement.
  • Increase Security with fortress quality Glass Block Windows.
  • Brighter Basement, Glass Block offers 3 times more light with privacy.
  • Air Tight Glass Block Windows keep spiders, snakes and mice out.
  • Guaranteed for Life – over 50,000 Glass Block Basement Windows installed.
Glass block basement window examples

Thinking of making some home improvements? Let’s look at what is going on in your basement. What kind of windows do you have? We recommend glass block windows for your basement that will benefit your house in several ways. Mainly, glass block windows will improve your home by helping make it more energy efficient. These thicker windows have airtight blocks that are sealed to perfection which will decrease energy bills with a more insulated basement and keep pests like spiders and mice out of your basement. Their warped design allows for top privacy going into your basement while still allowing a brighter, more natural light into your basement. The look of these windows are also extremely aesthetically appealing and give more of an upscale look to your home. Other benefits of glass block windows include better curb appeal, improved security, and no more drafty basement. No draft means warmer floors and a warmer basement in general which leads to a happier household.

To vent or not to vent? There are many different styles of glass block windows, especially for basements. The most popular add on to a basement glass block window is a vent. These vents are a small part of the window that allow air flow that most homes need. Many people struggle deciding if they want a solid block window or one with a vent while we notice that in most cases these windows have a vent. The vent with allow air flow while also eliminating any moisture and preventing mildew buildup. Now, many people believe that it is absolutely necessary to have a vent installed in your glass block window, but that is not the case. Both options of pros and cons and it ultimately is based on personal preference. If you are worried about security, the plastic based vent may compromise the full security of your window. Although, this option still offers higher security than a regular glass window.

Although these windows are top notch, we still recommend getting them sealed every five years in order to prevent any water penetration and keep up with its maintenance. This may seem like a hassle but in fact these windows require much less maintenance than a regular window would because of how sturdy they are. If you are going to be selling your house in the near future, consider installing glass block windows to improve the overall architectural design to appeal to those who are looking to buy your home!

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